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Welcome to the Hardy Orchid Society

We share an interest in the wild, native orchids of Britain and the rest of Europe, as well as those from similar temperate climates throughout the world. Our activities include:


HOS Meetings 2015

Spring Meeting, AGM & Plant Show
Sunday 19th April

Seed Sowing Workshop
Sunday 16th August 2015
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Northern Meeting
St. Chad’s, Leeds
Saturday 5th September

Southern Meeting & Photographic Show
Sunday 15th November

Fen Orchid Future!

The fen form of the rare Fen Orchid, Liparis loeselii subsp. loeselii, exists on very few remaining sites in Norfolk. The vast majority of the surviving plants are on two geographically close fens that are under threat from water abstraction. HOS is supporting RSPB and Butterfly Conservation in opposing the renewal of abstraction licences that may threaten the future of the habitat in which these orchids survive.

A provisional decision to reject the abstraction licence applications was reached by the Environment Agency but this is not a final decision. A period of consultation in which all interested parties could make representations has now ended and a final decision will be reached in the New Year. HOS contributed a letter outlining our concerns for the future of the Fen Orchid and the calcareous fen habitat on which it depends. Further information is available on the RSPB website (use the link buttons at the top of this RSPB web page to open extra information):

HOS Field Trips 2015

The programme of field trips and booking details for 2015 will be added to the Field Trips Page after distribution of the January 2025 Journal of the Hardy Orchid Society.

Results of Plant Show 2014

Click here for winning entries in the 2014 HOS Plant Show held during the Kidlington Meeting on 30th March.

Early-purple Orchid Pollinator Study

Click here for information about the ongoing HOS study of pollination and fruit set frequencies in Orchis mascula.

Pollination Videos

New pages have been added that feature pollination videos made by Jean Claessens. Jean and Jacques Kleynen are pollination experts who have contributed talks at HOS meetings and articles in JHOS. Recently, they published a comprehensive new book on the subject. Click here to read more and to access the videos and the JHOS articles as .pdf files. Also, there are more .pdf pollination articles from other recent contributors to JHOS.



Photographic Show 2014

The photographic competition was held during the recent Autumn meeting at Kidlington. The Maren Talbot Photographic Trophy was won by Alan Parfitt for the image above of Dactylorhiza maculata with Old Man of Hoy, Orkney. All winning entries can be viewed on the Photo Show Pages.

October 2014 JHOS Published

The latest issue of Journal of the Hardy Orchid Society has been published. This features the first part of an overview of Ghost Orchid history in England by Sean Cole based on his refereed paper in BSBI's New Journal of Botany. The full contents can be seen via this link.

New Publicity Leaflet

The HOS publicity leaflet has been updated Click here to download the leaflet as a .pdf and contact our publicity officer Simon Tarrant to request copies to promote the society.

The New Website

This updated version of the HOS website is a work in progress and several areas have still to be given an overhaul. All material from the original site is integrated within this new site but some areas remain in their original style for now. If you wish to view the entire original site it is retained as an archive and can be accessed by clicking here. Note that it will not be updated and will become progressively out of date. The major next stages are to open a password protected members' area and to give a much needed facelift to the orchid photograph galleries. If you encounter problems with links, find typographical errors or wish to make suggestions. Please let the website manager know by clicking here.

HOS Members' Photos in the BOC Photography Competition

HOS members took first and second places in the recent photographic competition organised by the British Orchid Council (BOC). First place was won by Tony Hughes with a photograph of the Lady Orchid (Orchis purpurea) which also won a First in our own 2013 Photographic Competition. Second place went to Nigel Johnson's image of a Fly Orchid (Ophrys insectifera) complete with its insect pollinator Argogorytes mystaceus. These images and some details of the photography can be viewed by clicking here.

Research News

Recent research by HOS President Professor Richard Bateman was featured widely in international news stories following publication of his latest paper on 10th December in the open access on-line journal Peer J. The work on Butterfly Orchids in the Azores redefines the taxonomy of Platanthera species on the islands, discusses their origin and evolution, and draws attention to what may well be the rarest orchid species in Europe. HOS Members at the 2012 Spring Meeting were privileged to hear some of this story in advance of its formal publication.
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