The HOS maintains an on-line Hardy Orchid Discussion Forum which is accessible only to members.  This is one of the benefits of being a member.  The Forum is a resource to share information and advice with one another.

Requests maybe questions on growing orchids, asking for site information for Britain or abroad,  perhaps help with identifying orchids, or raising some conservation issue. Both newbies and old hands take part.

Examples of threads have been:

The Forum can be read using a web browser at  You can receive new messages by email if you prefer.

All members can join by applying – see how by reading the answer below.  Messages posted on the Forum are moderated prior to being sent on to members. Most members opt to receive messages immediately as a separate email. However, you can also receive messages in a “digest” form bundling many messages together, or just opt to view the messages on the web only.

The Forum is hosted on a site called which we share with thousands of other organisations.


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I saw a Message about a Topic but now can’t find it

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I saw a Message about a Topic but now can’t find it

Go to the Forum via your web browser and use the Search box

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Replying to Messages

If your reply moves the subject on, please simply reply.  This sends the message to all Forum members - hundreds of people so please make sure your message is relevant to them. Please don’t bother hundreds of people with your feelings for a subject or to give thanks to the author – your message will usually only be appreciated if it adds to the subject.
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Why Was My Message Rejected

We generally won’t post messages which:
- are private in nature,
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- may solicit harm to wild orchids
- may be advocating an illegal act
- are commercial
- we regard as being too aggressive in nature

If you are posting site details, we may ask you to provide evidence that the site is open to the public.

Please note that we view impolite or offensive messages very seriously. Excessively impolite messaging to members or moderators will result in you receiving a warning and potentially a ban from the Forum.

Of course, there may be other reasons we haven’t yet thought of :-).

Why Was I Asked to Amend My Messages

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I’m Getting Too Many Messages

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I Want to Use My Online Nickname as my Username

You can’t. The Forum is not anonymous and every correspondent has the right to know who wrote the message. If you don’t like this, use Facebook or Twitter.

I Want to Unsubscribe

You may unsubscribe any time by using the link on each message. But please consider changing your settings to “Special” messages only, so you will  only get a few important messages a year:

I Want some Site Information – Should I Ask for Messages to be Sent Privately or to the Forum?

In general, please reply to the group.  Replies can be searched later by someone wanting the same information and the answer won’t have to be rewritten.
Some orchids may be vulnerable due to lack of care by the owner of the site, such as a retail park or a local authority. It can be very valuable that such sites become better known and become subject to public record. Consider reporting this to the relevant authority so that a suitable mowing or cutting regime is set up – if you need help with this, ask on the Forum.
However, if the orchid site is private, or the orchids are particularly rare and the information is not already in the public domain, then please reply privately in the first instance. For private sites, we may ask you for you evidence that the site welcomes visitors or is open to the public.
Do not give exact grid references to the whole Forum for particular plants if the orchid may then attract many visits – there may be other plants next to it that are just as valuable and we do not want to encourage their destruction by visitors or photographers stamping on them. Orchids are only about 50 species out of several thousand plant species in the British Isles – we have a duty to all of them.