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The following are LINKS provided on the original HOS website:


The HOS Committee has decided not to provide links to individual Internet websites involved in the commercial production or sale of hardy orchids. Our Journal does however contain advertisements from companies which we believe sell only artificially propagated orchids. Although websites such as Orchid Mall do carry advertisements from many companies, it should be noted that they include links to websites belonging to convicted orchid diggers as well as legitimate propagators of orchids.

The AHO(Arbeitskreise Heimische Orchideen) is the principle Native Orchid Working Group in Germany. Their website includes photographs, information about various publications, news etc., (in German).

The AGS (Alpine Garden Society) shares many interests of HOS members. Its superbly illustrated quarterly magazine regularly features articles on hardy orchids, both in the wild and in cultivation.

ANOS (Australian Native Orchid Society) provides links to a large number of affiliated local websites. Some of these societies advertise tubers (all cultivated - not collected from the wild) for sale to their members.

Austrian Orchids (OOS) this is the website of the Austrian Orchid Protection Network, there is an introduction in English and a downloadable species list in addition to the pages in German.

The Canadian Orchid Congress site covers both hardy and tropical orchids, with very comprehensive links to orchid websites worldwide.

The 'Criocere'  site now hi-jacks your browser and is therefore no longer linked.  

Dutch Working group on European orchids at present this website is mainly in Dutch with a few words in English and in German. It contains a forum and a downloadable journal which contains good photographs although at present only the Summary is in English. It is possible that in the future pages in English will be added.

European Orchids Photographed is Frank Verhart's website. In addition to many photographs of orchids, it includes a comprehensive set of links to hardy orchid websites throughout Europe.

Frosch's Cypripediums - Werner Frosch is a well known breeder and hybridist of Cypripediums. His personal website features cultural hints plus information on a single Cypripedium which is changed monthly.

Greek orchids - an interesting site with some good photographs and a list containing many species.

Hartslock - Chris Raper's website

Japanese wild orchids - CalypsoLip -  an interesting site showing thumbnails of the Japanese orchids , author Hiroshi Nakayama.

Jay's Key West Orchid Species  (now Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia) - website is collecting orchid photographs from contributors all over the world. Its "Internet Orchid Encyclopedia"  covers terrestrials and epiphytes, hardy and tender, with comprehensive lists of synonyms.

Native Orchid Conference - although the title implies a conference, this is a society dealing with North American Native Orchids. The society provides an internet message board, publishes a quarterly Journal (modelled on the HOS Journal) and has an annual 4 or 5 day conference. 

The Norwegian Orchid Society supports enthusiasts for both tropical and hardy orchids. It is keen to establish contact with like-minded people elsewhere.

NZNOG (New Zealand Native Orchid Group) - this website contains, among many other excellent pictures of many New Zealand native orchids. In addition, it even features a section on UK orchids including a nice story on Ophrys pollination.

Okinawan Orchis is Tomonubu Sato's website devoted to a single species - Amitostigma lepidum, which is endemic to Okinawa, one of the Ryukyu Islands, which was returned to Japan in the last half of the last century. This site covers many aspects of this orchid, from its wild habitats to propagation, cultivation and the genetics of its variations. The site includes links to many websites on orchids.

Online Orchid Reference - John Trueman's website provides a classified directory of websites dealing with (mainly tropical) orchids.

Orchidmagic - this is the revised website of Sylvia & Bill Temple featuring a wide range of  terrestrial orchid photographs, some tropical orchids,  paintings inspired by orchids, and discussions of propagation, cultivation and wild orchid hybrid issues. Almost all of the orchid photographs are now available at the new location but it is likely to be some time before the site is totally complete (March 09).

Orchid propagation - Svante Malmgren's homepage, in English.

OrchidWire is a useful site providing a classified catalogue of links to orchid websites worldwide.

Pleiones - Lovers of these genus should make a bee-line to the site of Paul Cumbleton. In addition to the gallery, which already contains over 300 superb pictures of species and hybrids, there are sections on cultivation, taxonomy, sources of supply, a complete list of all Pleione hybrids and their parents.. and more!

The 'Orchids of Sicily' website provides descriptions of all the Sicilian species, together with some very good photos.

Slovenske Orchideje - Branko Dolinar has an obvious passion for the native orchids of his country.

Swiss orchids - AGEO website, this site is in German but includes small distribution maps of the species found.

The orchids of the Var Departemant of France are featured in this excellent site, with comprehensive species information, distribution maps and pictures (in French).

The Wildlife Trusts website, through its 'Trusts on-line' page, provides an excellent entry point to the websites of the websites of the County Wildlife Trusts - main guardians of the British heritage of native orchids.

Wild Plant Gallery - The Phillips website which includes orchids.